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We have selected a few projects to give you a taste of what we have done for others and what we could also do for you. From system design to project planing and handover, we are here to help...
Treetops, Needham, Norfolk 2020
Air source heat pump installation for new detached house .


11 Kw Air source heat pump installation for a new build detached house in Norfolk.

The system includes an 11.2 kw Ecodan unit with a 250 litre cylinder.

Off the gas grid, this area is ideal for the installation of heat pumps as an alternative to oil and LPG. Underfloor heating in new buildings as a heat emitter and the high insulation level to meet current building regulations make this new dwelling future proof in terms of energy demand and low heating bills.


Wymondley Road, Hitchin, Hertfordshire 2019
Solar thermal installation for new detached house .


We have recently completed this solar thermal installation for a new build detached house in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

The system includes 2 x Solimpex Wunder solar thermal 2 m2 panels and a 250 litre solar cylinder with boiler backup.

The solar thermal system will be providing this family home with over 2,000 KWh of energy through the year for the hot water demand.

The system is mounted on a flat roof with ballast to avoid penetration of the roof weather membrane. Perfect 0 degree orientation and 20 degree tilt, it can't be seen from ground level.


Monks Farm, Wadhurst, West Sussex 2018
2 x 11 Kw Air source heat pumps for new detached house.


We have recently completed this heat pump project at this stunning new build 6 bedroom detached house in West Sussex. Rather than having a single commercial unit we proposed 2 x domestic heat pumps, one per floor serving 4 underfloor heating manifolds and 2 x 210 litre Mitsubishi pre-plumbed cylinders. A third 8.5 KW Ecodan heat pump serves the Heatstar air handling unit for the indoor swimming pool.

The design has been put to test during the harsh 2017-2018 winter season and both house and pool areas achieved the desired ambient temperatures without problem with temperatures dropping to -7C some of the winter nights.

This project has been MCS accredited by ourselves now that we have MCS status.


Manley Bungalow, Hitchin, Hertfordshire 2017
14 Kw Air source heat pump for new detached house.


We are delighted to add to our portfolio this Mitsubishi Ecodan 14 KW system with 250 litre pre plumbed cylinder to serve this new house in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. The system serves 3 underfloor heating manifolds through 3 floors. The equipment is located in a well insulated shed across the garden 10 metres away from the house and connected via underground pipework


1-4 Shepherd Street, Mayfair, London.
ASHP Cascade system to provide 28 KW for heating in new build,
London 2017.


Working along with the project consultant and the main heating contractor for this new development in the middle of Mayfair in London, we have taken an important part in the final design of the system that provides heating and hot water to a high end dwelling with centralized control for air conditioning and heating equipment. Our main input has been to deliver a control strategy to overcome the initial building restrictions for pipe runs.

The Grove House
90 KW district heating Scheme with biomass in Selling, Kent 2014


This magnificent 17th century country house and annexe were served by an oil boiler and the client was seeking for a commercial RHI grant to reduce his energy bill and achieve a great return with his investment. The plant room was located at the old stables 45 metres away from the buildings. We designed a heat main to serve both dwellings with one large biomass boiler.

The Manor House
60 KW Biomass boiler in Westmill, Buntingford, Hertfordshire 2012.


This new build large dwelling owned by a timber tycoon comprised of underfloor heating throughout, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and indoor swimming pool heating. This was all managed with BEMS control and served with a 60 KW Herz wood pellets boiler that we commissioned in the summer of 2012. The boiler instalation included a bespoke fuel storage room also designed by Resolnor.

The Ridgeway, Enfield, North London.
ASHP and solar thermal system for pool heating,
London 2013.


Our client approached us with a desire to reduce his electrical bill, he was using a non efficient heat pump to warm up his outdoor swimming pool. We designed a system including a new air source heat pump from Mistubishi Electric and a large buffer tank with solar coil connected to 6 solar thermal panels. The tank served the house under floor heating as well as the pool circuit and we managed to reduce his electrical bill by 70%!

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