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Thinking about reducing your bills by harvesting the natural resources? We can make it happen.
Energy Assessments


Our initial consultation comprises of a full site survey during which we will identify the key elements of change needed in the dwelling to improve its efficiency. We will collect all the necessary information to perform an energy certificate and present a list of potential solutions to meet the clients target.

We work with a strategy to find the right technology across a wide range of renewable energy solutions to bring the ideal system without compromising on comfort. We enjoy bringing our clients the perfect design to suit their needs.



Resolnor Energy Consulting is a different type of consulting company. We have gained our expertise based on years of design and installation service. We know the best products available across the market and we understand renewable energy systems very well.


Our designs will be tailored to the clients unique needs and we will give advice based on our expert opinion which in turn will lead us to the most suitable technology and brand for the scheme.


We design systems to last and to give the client hassle free performance at all times.


Project Managing


We at Resolnor Energy Consulting  are experts in project managing. After years of designing and installing, we can offer our clients a warranty for a smooth installation and handover process from sizing, specifying, procuring and comissioning.


Our clients benefit from our experience as we know the market leading products, suppliers and specialist contractors to ensure a high quality product at the best price possible.


We begin by helping our clients choose the best product and the ideal contractor to suit the project.


“I'm always looking for the best for my clients, our commitment does not stop with the signature on the contract, we like to make sure everything is perfect from start to finish and we love to see the client smiling after the handover....

Luis Sousa, Projects Manager

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